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Could you benefit from hiring a St. Louis life coach? At Harmony Harbor Coaching, we take a drastically different approach to life coaching than most personal development companies.  If you consider yourself a renegade or “outside the box” thinker, keep reading.

If you are struggling with a lot of self-imposed guilt in your personal or professional life, beat yourself up because you feel as if you should be further ahead than you are, and/or simply suspect that there has got to be more to life than what meets the eye, a life coach may be the answer.

Perhaps you feel pretty content in your personal life, but can’t say the same for your business. If you feel that your business is stuck in a rut and isn’t reaching its full potential, just remember that YOU are your business.  Perhaps you could use an upgrade of beliefs or a “faith-lift,” which will directly benefit your business.

Your coach can help you determine what is missing and what to do about it. Regardless of where you currently are in your life, there are innumerable reasons why hiring a St. Louis life coach can be extremely beneficial.

Hiring a Coach

our_location_2458_Old_Dorsett_Rd_#285d,_Maryland_Heights,_MO_63043A Realistic Evaluation

One of the most valuable services a life coach provides is an objective, third-party assessment of your life and business. There are times when we all need a reality check from someone who will not just tell us what we want to hear. Your coach can quickly and efficiently identify your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as those in your business, if applicable. Your coach will work with you to accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

A life coach can be especially beneficial for small business owners who may be either struggling to identify problem areas or clearly see their business vision.

Clarity and Direction

There are times in our life when we don’t really know what we want, either on a professional or personal level. That’s okay.  After a period of self-discovery that involves assessing your values, priorities, and beliefs, a life coach will help you determine what it is that you REALLY want in life (this may surprise you), as well as create and implement a workable step-by-step action plan that will help you finally attain your goals.

Your coach will assist you in prioritizing tasks and learning to manage your time wisely. This will help you create a healthy balance of growing-your-business activities and just-having-fun-and-relaxing activities.  Think about it.  Do you really want to continue be driven by a slave driver mindset, that rarely allows you to take time to celebrate your successes?

Let’s face what is really going on here.  At the end of the day, how often do feel like you’ve gotten enough done and have a sense of satisfaction? Pretty rarely?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

our St Louis locationDiscover Options You Didn’t Think Were Possible

During sessions, your coach will utilize a variety of techniques designed to help you work through any possible mental blocks that are preventing you from seeing options you didn’t know were there. As you identify these previously undiscovered options, your coach will help you evaluate the pros and cons associated with them in relation to achieving your overall goals. This will ensure that you choose the options that best fit into your life, allowing you to achieve more than you ever thought you could, while maintaining a life that is well-balanced. At the same time, your life coach will assist you in working past any potential obstacles that may get in your way.

Increase Your Confidence

Using various strategies, your coach will help you see things in an entirely different way.  Instead of assigning meaning to events that would typically create stressful responses, you realize that “nothing means anything” from a deep experiential level. This way of thinking gives you the space to create unlimited possibilities and solutions, instead of being stuck in the quicksand of primarily focusing on your problems.  Hence, you’re able to move forward.

A study completed at the University of Sydney found that life coaching enhances a person’s mental health by increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as creating a healthy mindset, all important components to success [1]. This increased confidence can be exactly what you need to convince yourself that you can, and will, accomplish your personal and business goals.

Encouragement and Support

Do you often get frustrated or overwhelmed? Your Saint Louis life coach will be there to provide words of encouragement.  They see beyond your behavior and know what you are truly capable of, back of the excuses. Even when you feel especially discouraged, your life coach will be there to support you like you’ve never been supported before.  Having someone mirror back to you this kind of love and support is an incredibly powerful experience. It’s so easy to get side-tracked and lose your way.  It happens to all of us. Your life coach will help you stay the course by providing a constant source of renewal and new ways of looking at things, helping you quickly get back on the path to success.


Let’s face it. It is very easy for us to make promises to ourselves and then quickly break them because it’s too hard to follow through with them to completion; we simply don’t feel like taking action anymore. Why? When you are only accountable to yourself, it is surprisingly easy to convince yourself that it’s okay you didn’t do something you said you would. Your coach will serve as your built-in accountability partner, nudging you along in order to make certain you do the things you actually want to do. For example, a life coach may continue to “push” you to have a tough conversation with a spouse or employee, that will improve the relationship and your quality of life.  To achieve your biggest goals, being held accountable is crucial.

Inspire You Out of Your Rut

It is so easy to get to a point in life where we are simply content to leave things the way they are, because we’re so tired of the struggle. Perhaps, you have tried everything under the sun to be successful, and you still aren’t achieving your goals.  You’ve been disciplined and driven, but it just doesn’t seem like your efforts are ever good enough.

Life coaching typically involves helping you get clear on what you want, figuring out your obstacles, and giving you some techniques to work through. While there is some of that, our life coaches take a different approach.

The first step to helping you move out of a rut is to find a place of forgiveness, acceptance and love within yourself.  But how, you ask? The secret is that “you,” the personality of you, your thoughts, emotions, and physical body sensations, can’t DO this forgiving, accepting and loving.  It comes from another source. So now what? That is where your life coach comes in and reveals the secret and helps you get out of the rut of life.

The answer is not the law of attraction, and its many deceptions. There is a much larger story that goes beyond “appearance,” and we invite you to learn more.

Hiring a life coach in St. Louis is an investment in your personal future, as well in your relationship with your loved ones. When you invest in your success, happiness, and quality of life, it positively impacts everyone you interact with. A Harmony Harbor life coach is an invaluable resource that you can depend on for guidance, love and support. Best of all, a life coach will provide you with a new way of thinking and doing things that you can use again and again in every aspect of your life.

It is impossible to deny that life is hard. To have real personal and professional success, you need support, encouragement, inspiration, and a new way of thinking. These are just a few of the reasons hiring a St. Louis life coach will benefit you.

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